Unlock that Full Fibre feeling in your home.

Discover the potential of Full Fibre Broadband, the latest in broadband technology. Reach speeds of up to 1000mbps (1GB) as well as unmatched reliability throughout your home. 

“Hey, don’t I already have fibre?”

We understand you might be wondering, “Hey, don’t I already have fibre?”. Well, in many cases, most broadband services use a combination of fibre and copper cables, so it’s not entirely fibre. However, with Full Fibre, we’re proud to offer you a 100% full fibre connection right to your home. No compromises, just pure fibre-optic goodness!

Eclipse home broadband

Ultrafast Full Fibre 1000

Speed like you’ve never experienced before, full fibre broadband is perfect for data hungry households and people who want to be at the cutting edge of technology.

Average download speeds of 10000 Mb/s.

• Comes with our wi-fi home hub included.
• No phone line needed.

Full fibre
speeds, with
our ‘Excellent’ service.

Take your experience to the next level

Enhanced Care Package

Are you often online at the evening or weekends? Do you have a busy household or lots of devices? Most customers take advantage of our 24-7 UK based Technical Support by opting into our Enhanced Care service, for just £1,95 per month.

Just £1.95 per month.

Upgraded Router

Upgrade to our high-spec Upgraded Router, offering superb WiFi- on a dual band frequency. Perfect for users with more than four devices in their home, or who live in busy areas. The router is future ready, making it capable of handling the latest technology of 1Gbps speeds, all for a one of cost of £30.

£30.00 one off fee

Making full fibre simple.

simple broadband

Choose your perfect package

Simply enter your postcode, select your address, and let us do the rest. With services from all the major suppliers including TalkTalk, BT, Virgin aswell as numerous local suppliers specialising in Superfast broadband we are sure we can set you up with exactly what you need.

simple broadband

Choose your installation date

With plenty of dates to choose from and the ability to upgrade to a sooner date if you need to, we’ll have you installed and online as soon as we can.

simple broadband

Enjoy your new connection

Sit back and enjoy your superfast speeds, have any problems don’t worry, we have a UK based help team available 24/7 if you take out our enhanced care package.

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What truly distinguishes us from the rest is our unparalleled service levels. At the end of the day, our genuine care is what sets us apart from other providers.

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We are aware of the nationwide Microsoft outage which you may have seen on the news. This has impacted our internal systems and we experiencing high call volumes. We have had no reports of this affecting our customers broadband service.